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For a better Korea!

페이지 정보

작성자 Younghyun Kim 작성일17-07-07 17:38 조회38회 댓글0건


To "Maehun YunBobgGil Memorial Hall",

 As a pure korean male, this disinterested and mere low-educated korean worldling has no choice but to be impressed by his patriotism and the love of korean peninsula in terms of all the korean people must follow his sublime self-sacrifice and honor its love of his country and people.


 "애국애족(Love of your country and people) in korean" may be serious/severe for those each's positions in this century since this world's almost 99% humans + the whole countries were sticking to getting entangled in the monetary flows + its material benefits since those all had been entangling themselves in those sames with those same humans' shameful naked faces.


 Needless to say, all your korean people's sinful and shyful portraits + faces with no makeup on them, made by those own, were leading their country into its inevitable dissolutions. Those sames unsuitable for your Korea can't help but give to its self-indulgence.


 So, the current centry and your national doom may show clear signs of its unwanted insecurity if your Korea neglect to straighten and repair those all, very soon or without delay and hesitations. All your korean patriots in that world will hope to seeing their enlightend/matured Korea, and crave for a united free Korea as we all wished or long-cherished.


 In closing, this weak and uneducated world worldling hopes your Korea can sincerely care for those's descendants of the country's patriots, and also, remember all korean patriots, genuinely. Good luck to Korean peninsula!


 Kind Regards


  2017. 07. 07. in Suwon, Seoul, Sokcho, Gangneung, and at East Sea at Dokdo Islet from Yh K